Spunbonded Polyester ( SN- SPY )  
  Spunbonded Polyester (SN-SPY/DR)  
  Spunbonded Polyester (SN-SPY/SR)  
  Staple Polyester (SN-PY / DR )  
  Reinforced Fibreglass (SR)  
Fibreglass scrim Reinforced Spunbonded Polyester Nonwovens Mat ( SN- SPY / SR)
A Top Reinforcement ( carrier ) used for SBS /APP Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane
Reinforced with fibreglass scrim inside
Fibreglass scrim Reinforced Spunobnded Polyester Nonwovens ( SN- SPY / SR) is a top spunbonded polyester
which be reinforced by fibreglass srim inside . the fibreglass scrim to provide high dimensional stability and tear resistance
during high speed processing and installation .also It gives the bituminous membrane outstanding dimensional stability and resistance
in a bad condition after a over time.Using the fiberglass reinforcement also eliminates the phenomenon of thermal memory:
Type Basis Weight (G /M2 )
SN-SPY /SR160 163
SN-SPY /SR180 183
SN-SPY /SR200 223
SN-SPY /SR220 223
SN-SPY /SR 250 253
Roll Length : 800 - 1400 M
Mat Width : 1000 /2000 mm
Roll Diameter :
1115 mm
Core Diameter :
152 / 76 mm
¡ó Reinforcement material used for SBS /APP Modified Bitumen Waterproofing membrane .
¡ó Reinforcement for road construction
¡ó Others Industrial Application
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