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  Spunbonded Polyester (SN-SPY/DR)  
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SP.Green Spunbonded Polyester Mat ( SN-SPY/DR )
A Top Quality Reinforcement ( carrier ) used for SBS /APP Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane
Reinforced with fibreglass inside
It is a calendered polyester nonwovens made of continuous filament ,
manufactured using Spunbond technology, are needle punched for mechanical integrity and chemically bonded to increase
stiffness. SN-SPY/DR is reinforced with fibreglass inside to provide high dimensional stability and tear resistance during high
speed processing and installation.also It gives the bituminous membrane outstanding dimensional stability and resistance in a bad
condition after a over time. Using the fiberglass reinforcement also eliminates the phenomenon of thermal memory. once applied
to roofs,the bituminous membrane is not subject to shrinkage or break due to temperature changes.Polyester spunbonded
Mat (SN-SPY/DR ) are naturally white in color, It is the same quality as Freudenberg PolitexTerbond  R .
Type Basis Weight (G /M2 )
SN-SPY /DR120 120
SN-SPY /DR140 140
SN-SPY /DR160 160
SN-SPY /DR180 180
SN-SPY /DR200 200
SN-SPY /DR220 220
SN-SPY /DR 250 250
Roll Length 800 - 1800 M
Mat Width 1000 - 3300 mm
Roll Diameter
1215 mm
Core Diameter
152 mm / 76 mm
Reinforcement material used for SBS /APP Modified Bitumen Waterproofing membrane .
Reinforcement for Bitumen Coating or other liquid waterproofing (100g / 120g )
Others Industrial Application
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