Reinforcement Material
used for Roofing Membrane

SP.Green Reinforcement Material

Top reinforcement material (carrier) for SBS / APP Modified Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane
+ Spunbonded Polyester ( SN- SPY )
+ Spunbonded Polyester ( SN-SPY/DR )
+ Spunbonded Polyester ( SN-SPY/SR )
+ Staple Polyester ( SN-PY / DR )
+ Reinforced Fibreglass ( SR )
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Geotextiles Nonwovens
used for Construction Engineering
Geotextiles Nonwovens
SP.Green Geotextiles filter silt from water to keep drainage paths clear. They form liners to
keep sand traps in shape while allowing rain to drain out.
They provide support for road beds and railroads. They can be used to line landfills that
retain waste while releasing decomposition gases.
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Reinforced Aluminum Foil
used for Roofing Membrane
Reinforced Aluminum Foil / Colours Aluminum Foil
SP.Green Reinforced Aluminum Foil (SN-AFL ) is an ideal Surfacing Material for SBS /APP Modified
Bitumen Waterproofing Membrane in different colours.
Also ,it can be used for a good packing material .
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Fibreglass scrim

Fibreglass scrim looks like a grid.
It is made of continuous fibreglass filament.
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